Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is a pig in a go cart with some sort of net on top.

FUN stuff in the classroom

No body wants to sit and lecture, or hear a lecture all day long! Here are some fun ideas so that 7 hours of school a day will be more enjoyable!

FUN ideas!

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More fun classroom ideas

Teaching Science in the Classroom

I think for teaching science, it would be fun to do hands-on experiments often. We could go outside and look at the environment, animals, the sky, birds and bug. There is science all around us but much of it is outdoors. I think the class would enjoy this type of learning more as it is interactive and involves creativity. It was also be more fun for the teacher to take small field trips around the area. Here is a site that may give out some ideas.

Science in the Class

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As an elementary teacher, I will have to teach all the main subject areas, even the ones I am not as familiar with such as math. With math, I will more than likely use computer games and group activities that make this subject more fun for the students and less stressful for me. Math is a very unique subject area, much different than the other subjects, so I hope my students will enjoy it!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

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Educational blogs

I will use blogs in my spanish class that I want to teach by posting blogs about spanish culture in today's society. Then the students can talk in class about the Spanish world around them. The students will be able to collaborate on the blogs as well as in class. Here are some sites that talk about what is going on in the area that is Spanish related:

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