Thursday, April 5, 2007

Educational blogs

I will use blogs in my spanish class that I want to teach by posting blogs about spanish culture in today's society. Then the students can talk in class about the Spanish world around them. The students will be able to collaborate on the blogs as well as in class. Here are some sites that talk about what is going on in the area that is Spanish related:

Elmhurst College


Amy said...

I think that this is a really good idea to keep your students involoved not only in the classroom, but in the real world as well. I also think that this would be something to make your students enjoy the class and be interested in what they are learning. When students see how their material relates to real life, they are more likely to pay attention.

Melina said...

Blogs will definitely be useful in encouraging students to use their Spanish skills outside the classroom. It could be a great outlet for students wanting to develop their conversational language skills.