Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teaching Science in the Classroom

I think for teaching science, it would be fun to do hands-on experiments often. We could go outside and look at the environment, animals, the sky, birds and bug. There is science all around us but much of it is outdoors. I think the class would enjoy this type of learning more as it is interactive and involves creativity. It was also be more fun for the teacher to take small field trips around the area. Here is a site that may give out some ideas.

Science in the Class

Elmhurst College


Katie said...

I completely agree! I know that when I was a student I took more from each chapter when I was actually getting involved in the material. Reading the book and listening to the teacher talk doesn't effect some students because they would prefer to do more hands-on assignments. Classrooms should be made to fit all types of learning!

Sam said...

I agree with this. I think that it is easier for children to understan things when they actually see them. Many kids find it more memerable to actually learn hands on. Science is an especially good class to use hands on learning.

Dan said...

Great idea. Not only would it be fun for the students but fun for the teacher too. This kind of fun, less stressful hands on experience is something that is important for young children. It will be something they will remember and miss as they advance to higher education. I know I do.

Aracely said...

I agree with you. Some children find it hard to understand some things by just reading about it or hearing it from the teacher. Doing hands on activities will make the subject more interesting for the students. It may also help students to remember the topic better since it's something that they will enjoy.